Simplifies Payday

Run payroll wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. You no longer have to phone and fax payroll information to a representative or even install or upgrade software.

Gain peace of mind

You won’t have to worry about calculating and filing your payroll taxes. We automatically calculate, file and pay your federal, state and local payroll taxes for you, helping you avoid costly IRS fines.

Get Professional Support

Even with everything online, you have access to payroll professionals 6 days a week by phone, email or online live chat. We’ll make sure you never miss another payroll.

Run Payroll on Your Schedule with RunPayroll


W-2s and 1099s posted online at year-end for you to preview and approve


Automatic new hire reporting and access to labor law posters, business forms and HR how-to guides


Accounting integration lets you import payroll information into your general ledger


Automatic pay and file of your quarterly 941 tax returns and your annual 940 tax return


Direct deposit or print checks yourself


Secure online access to employees individual pay stubs and payroll history

We Also Offer Premium Payroll Services!

We handle it ALL! We transfer files for pay periods, monitor and notify you of employee time change requests, implement PTO programs on TimeClock service and integrate with your RunPayroll service. We also provide monthly transfers of data to supported accounting software and provide encrypted data storage of all files along with monthly reports.  All information is made available to you through your private RunPayroll and BmB Client Portals.

*Yearly W-2/1099 Processing Fee

In addition, there is a yearly processing fee of $50 plus $5.25 per 1099/W-2 per year.


Simplify your payroll
General Business

Most small businesses fall into this category


If your business is a church or religious organization, you may be exempt from some payroll taxes. Church Payroll applies if you pay ministers clergy earnings and/or housing allowances. Note: You will be required to provide federal and/or state documentation to support any request for tax-exempt status. If your business is non-profit, you may be exempt from some payroll taxes. Non-Profit Organization payroll is for most organizations exempt from federal income tax (FIT). If your organization is a church or place of worship, please enroll in Church Payroll. Note: You will be required to provide federal and/or state documentation to support any request for tax-exempt status.

Household Employer/Officer-Only

If you only pay household employees such as babysitters, housekeepers, caretakers, groundskeepers, or other domestic workers. If your business is an S-Corporation without any employees except officers of the business. Officer-Only Payroll supports S-Corp 2% Owner earnings to reimburse owners for health and insurance premium expenses and reports this compensation in W-2 boxes 1 and 14.


If your business serves food and/or beverages and your employees are compensated with credit card tips, cash tips, and/or multiple pay rates.

TimeClock Online Tracking

Integrate with TimeClock!

We can make all of your solutions work together and we offer internet based Readers for your workplace!


Track Your Time and Money

We offer a variety of payroll and employee services for your workplace needs.